Rilasciato PrestaShop! E’ disponibile un nuovo aggiornamento di PrestaShop 1.6.1.x con 35 fix


Fixed bugs:

[-] PDF : (9f7ab92) update constraints on Addresses display
[-] PDF : (e7103c4) updated b2b template
[-] PDF : (e0bde47) invoices printing now done as page groups to keep the pagination relevant
[-] PDF : (3464ca0) fixed pagination block display
[-] PDF : (a788652) Moved note block to his own remplate
[-] PDF : (b5ef9f2) (re) added shipping box in invoice

[-] FO : (331527c) Fix incorrect cart rules list in case of country restriction (PSCSX-7873)
[-] FO : (a343610) PSCSX-7449, fix parse error in AuthController.php
[-] FO : (42d8847) #PSCSX-5582 fix wrong displayed specific price on product detail
[-] FO : (755f77b) Fix warning if combinations are disabled
[-] FO : (05b701f) Fix combination price calculation with impact and reduction
[-] FO : (b1352d7) Fix JavaScript mistake in blocklayered.js
[-] FO : (8ee195a) fixed bug on payment module, check if defined $order object

[-] CORE : (9870d84) use a cached cacert file for curl
[-] CORE : (deebce3) Fixed double preg_quote()

[-] BO : (647eba0) Fix the display of the listing filters on the toolbar
[-] BO : (6e69c4a) Change only active state on bulk status change
[-] BO : (69b87a8) Fix incorrect shipping taxes in order slips (PSCSX-4881)
[-] BO : (44eb96c) Fix filter by category change not working after other actions. …
[-] BO : (76d53ac) add error message on upload theme bigger than post_max_size

[-] LO : (011a2e5) Traditionnal Chinese for HK pack

[-] TR : (948a3e5) language.xml – fix TW script

[-] SECURITY : (cc49345) Fixes PSCSX-4841 Usage of ECB mode

[-] CLASS : (7234efd) Alias / return false if feature is not active in aliasExists()

[-] MO : (de7e9aa) bankwire / correct module name for translation

Improved/changed features:

[*] CORE : (85e6025) Update swift mailer
[*] CORE : (81465fe) Add a fallback to curl when file_get_content() return an empty response

[*] TR : (4b3ddf5) Update Polish installer
[*] TR : (62bbc16) feature.xml in Vietnamese
[*] TR : (1cce929) Update italian installer
[*] TR : (5319857) Improve Dutch meta info

[*] CLASS : (ec03391) Hook / indicate which method to use for deprecated methods

[*] FO : (999ff45) Removed template logic that is not needed

Added Features:

[+] TR : (30c4adc) Adding Vietnamese installer

Ovviamente assicuratevi di aver effettuato un backup del database ed eventualmente anche dell’intero sito web per non andare incontro a catastrofi! 🙂

Di seguito il changelog con tutti i fix e le novità di PrestaShop

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